Farewell university, once again

Well, that's that then. Today, after four months of fieldwork, data analysis, frustration, sublime locations and sensational wildlife, I submitted my MSc thesis. The title: a comparison of monitoring techniques used to assess Atlantic Puffin breeding density.  Truth be told, I am rather glad to see the back of the lengthy document. Not because I disliked writing … Continue reading Farewell university, once again

North of England Curlew Festival: Some Thoughts

This Saturday past, myself, Sacha and Matt had the pleasure to attend the first and hopefully, annual, North of England Curlew Festival. Taking place at Bolton Castle, the event comprised a series of intriguing talks - regarding everything from Curlew conservation to fundraising and research - as well as activities designed to bring guests closer to … Continue reading North of England Curlew Festival: Some Thoughts

Here’s why I, personally, watch birds

My attention was recently drawn to an interesting article authored for The Conversation by the esteemed and eloquent Dr Robert Lambert. Centred on the logic behind birding (or twitching, if you prefer), I found the piece highly interesting, both as a birder who spends a great deal of his time observing our feathered friends and as an … Continue reading Here’s why I, personally, watch birds